I’ve worked with Mark (Pez) on four films so far. As a director, I have specific ideas and needs to make my vision to come to life. Mark Meets all of my expectations with his amazing musical and technical talents. At Pezmosis, Mark personally composed the scores to all of my films. His ideas and fresh take on things raised my work to new heights. He is simply an amazing composer to work with. I will always turn to Pezmosis for my sound design/music scoring needs. Mark is my John William’s.

Derek Kopet – Director


After joining the band Axminister (who at the time were finishing an album at Pezmosis), I had my first introduction to Pez. Listening to the band’s finished album, I immediately recognized Pez’s talent for sound and music production. As a filmmaker, I decided to bring Pezmosis aboard to stereo mix my last film, and record and mix the sound for my current film. This guy’s natural talent is something to boast about, his real talent, though, lies in his customer service and commitment to his projects. Ever since then, I always recommend him to my filmmaker and musician friends. Try him out, and you’ll see, he’s one of the best.

Bassam Majzoub -  filmmaker.


My experience at Pezmosis Recording Studios was superb.  I got all the attention I needed to make my project a memorable one.  I was always greeted with a cordial smile and a cool glass of water.  I never felt rushed and Pez always added his input as needed to make my project spectacular.  All the equipment used at his facility was state of the art.  When everything was done my music couldn’t have sounded any better thanks to Pez.

Quincy Greene aka Legacy -  rapper/producer


We go to Pezmosis Studios for three reasons: professionalism, guidance, and access to top of the line equipment. When we first stepped into Mark’s studio, we knew we had made the right choice.

Pezmosis Studios embodied the professional sound that all bands look for while offering the comfortable atmosphere of recording at home. Mark provided us with supportive guidance through his experience and versatility as a productive engineer. This made it easy to adapt to a setting and individual we were strangers to. Although we were only able to create a snapshot of our true sound on our own, Mark was talented in painting a full picture for the sound we wanted.

If you are serious about your music then get your ass to Pezmosis Studios and get a glimpse of what your future can sound like.

We are looking forward to many more sonic adventures at Pezmosis Studios!

Spencer LeVon and Fatality


I have known Mark Pezzelato for over 10 years. We have worked together on many projects covering many aspects of the music industry. I first got involved with Pez as a concert promoter working with The Heatskores. Through this I have had the opportunity to record with Pez at Pezmosis with a band of my own and have had the opportunity to see it grow from a one room studio where our friends bands were making cassette tapes to sell at shows to the wonderful studio it has become today.

Through Pezmosis, Pez and I have had the opportunity to be involved in different types of events including compilation release shows for both volumes of ‘Like Nobodies Business’ which feature local acts of a wide variety of underground music. I’ve also had the opportunity to judge one of Pez’s York Region Talent Competitions and stage-manage his recent ‘Love and Respect’ benefit concert at the Newmarket Theater.

Pez is someone who is dedicated to the projects he works on and sees them through right to the very end. He has always offered me work on his events, knowing that the event field is where my passion lies, and I am always thankful for these experiences. To this day I continue to book Pez’s bands and work on events with him because of his dedication, determination and love for everything he involves himself in.

Josh Gottlieb – Underscore Productions


I have had nothing but good experiences at Pezmosis Productions. Not only is working with Pez enjoyable, but it is also professional. I had great vibes about recording with Pezmosis and was incredibly pleased with the final product. I would be happy to work on future projects with Pezmosis.

Alex Dametto – Stack and Large/Paper Fortunes


I went into Pezmosis with a band that had never played together before to record jazz. We all felt comfortable enough to get warm quick.  We laid down some tracks that immediately got placed in a film. The sound was great, the lounge was great, and Pez was really great. It was an easy working environment and the session went as smooth as it possibly could. I’ll be going back soon!

Jeremiah Pick – Composer and Musician


Pezmosis is an excellent place for a band to start recording. It’s a warm and friendly environment that is made to nurture young bands as they introduce themselves to the recording process. Mark is an excellent producer that can help walk bands through both writing and getting the sound they desire at a reasonable cost.

Bon Davies – Sony Music Promotions  Former 102.1 The Edge Personality